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Macadamia Properties specialises in establishing professional management practices for retirement and lifestyle estates. We improve efficiencies by optimising overhead costs and working with providers to ensure quality services at reasonable costs.

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Managing Agency

Macadamia Property Services (Pty) Ltd. (“MacProps”) was founded on the principle of providing an effective and efficient property management solution to the retirement sector.

MacProps harnesses the services of a wide range of external service providers into uniquely packaged solutions to cater for the ongoing and varied needs of elderly residents. Enhanced via an intelligent Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, MacProps tracks and analysis a plethora of data to provide the best service to Housing Schemes, residents, and investors alike.

Property Sales Agency

Our sales team specialises in the retirement sector. We understand and empathise with buyers and appreciate the many factors involved in selling a house and purchasing a home in a retirement village.

Balancing necessities with nice to have’s is a fine line that our team knows well. When it comes to moving into a retirement village, our property practitioners will help purchasers understand the social aspects, standards of security, how to access care, nearby medical facilities, and other important features within retirement villages.

Meet Our Property Practitioners

Mandy-Lee Klopper

Registered with the PPRA - Principal FFC

Susan Horn

Registered with the PPRA – Candidate FFC

Werner le Grange

Registered with the PPRA – Candidate FFC

Facilities Management

It is one thing to own property in a retirement village, and quite another to manage and maintain it. 

Life Right Grantors (owners of village homes and apartments) need to inspect their properties and provide for both planned and ad-hoc maintenance. In many cases, organisations are lean and don’t have the manpower required. MacProps undertakes inspection reports and maintenance services on behalf of property owners. We also reduce operating costs and provide owners with key information to make decisions about facilities upkeep and maintenance.

You are in good company

MacProps is one of a group of associated companies that provide a bundled offering to retirement villages. Our model reduces the cost of care and other services through shared administration and other administrative functions. The result is a significant cost reduction for all stakeholders. The group consists of a Non-Profit Care company (MacCare NPC), a Non-Profit Public Benefit organisation (Macadamia Foundation Trust PBO) that owns or leases the Care Centre buildings, and a stake in a CSI project, Marothi Cleaning and Laundry Projects (Pty) Ltd. Together, these entities provide an all-in-one solution worthy of consideration.

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